Our Organization

Oregon Pythians

Friendship, Charity and Benevolence

 Damon and PythiasIf Fraternal love held all men bound what world this would be!


The Knights of Pythias organization consists of a Supreme Lodge, which has jurisdiction over the entire Order in the United States and Canada. http://www.pythias.org

The Grand Lodges (Domains), having jurisdiction over all lodges within a particular state, district, territory, or province.
The Subordinate Lodge is the lodge of the individual member of the Order located in cities, villages, or towns within the Grand Lodge Domain.

The Order does not seek to shape the creed of its members and is not a religious organization. It is required that everyone who seeks membership must have a belief in a Supreme Being. How the members worship that Supreme Being is a matter of their personal choice.

Grand Lodge Officers

Grand Chancellor Don Allen
Grand Vice Chancellor Scott Swartout
Grand Prelate Ray Cable
Grand Secretary Charlie VanDomlen
Grand Treasurer Ed Yates
Grand Master of Arms Tod Baker
Councilman-at-large 1 year
Councilman-at-large 2 year